4 Week Fat Furnace

4 Weeks to a Thinner, Fitter, Firmer YOU!


 Do you need to get in shape for the Christmas parties?

Do you want to burn fat, tone/shape and feel great without having to sign up to

costly LONG TERM gym memberships?

Do want to LOOK and FEEL amazing for new year?

What is the 4 Week Fat Furnace?

The 4 Week Fat Furnace is a programme specifically designed for people who want to blitz fat and see and feel great results in a very short amount of time. This programme is for people who are fed up with having flabby thighs, bum or belly or the dreaded “bingo wings” and want to burn bucket loads of fat, shape up and just feel great about themselves for once in not time at all. The great thing about this programme is that it can be performed entirely from the comfort of your own living room as Transform Fitness Training brings all of the equipment to you! This means you don’t have to exercise in front of ‘Johnny and Jayne Fitness’ at those intimidating big box gyms or personal training studios.

Designed by Mark Poole, Southport’s body transformation expert:

“I know how hard it is to commit to losing weight for the long term, which is why I designed the four week fat furnace. The results you get out of just four weeks of good nutrition and exercise will drive you on to carry on exercising and eating right! You will be shocked at the results you can achieve in such a short space of time. Hard work and motivation is all that is needed.”



Here is what some of our clients have said…

“I joined the programme as a last throw of the dice at obtaining a nice body. It’s been a life changing experience and my body has been completely transformed!”  Karen Hawkins, 44, Shop Manager.


I have lost 30lbs, 8.5inches on my waist and cut my heart rate down by a lot. I feel so good and it has certainly changed me for the better. Thanks Mark!” Adam Webster, 30, Conservative Candidate for Meols Ward.

6 week change

 “I lost 5lb and 7% body fat in just four weeks, it wasn’t easy but it was definitely worth it!” Darren, 39, Director


Before after front




What’s Included?

Consultation/ Body Composition analysis

The initial consultation is built to determine exactly what your goals are, and what drives you towards achieving them. During this session, we will look at your health, exercise and nutritional history and also conduct a body composition analysis, where we will measure your body fat percentage and general fitness.

Metabolic Recalibration Programme

At the moment, your body will be using carbohydrates as its preferred fuel source meaning it will be burning the carbs that you consume and store, before burning the body fat you want to lose! And with the ‘Western’ diet being crammed full of nutritionally poor processed carbs, you can be sure that your body is excellent at holding on to that unwanted body fat!

The 10 Day Metabolic Recalibration Programme is designed to fine tune your body into metabolizing (burning) fat. During this programme, fat will be your main fuel source, and your body will adapt and become efficient at actively seeking out body fat to use as energy, meaning that your body will literally be transformed into a fat burning machine!

Personalized Nutritional Programme

Once the initial 10 days are completed, you will then move onto a comprehensive dietary schedule, specifically tailored to your needs and taste. This programme, will ensure that your fired up metabolism will continue to burn fat, and it will also support your exercise schedule.

Body Transformation Programme Design

Using the information from the initial consultation, a personalized 6 week exercise programme is designed. The programme will be built around progressive periodization to ensure that your results don’t plateau and that your body will constantly improve. Your personal training sessions combined with your nutritional schedule, will mean your body will be burning fat at an alarming rate!

Exercise Sessions

As part of the  4 Week Fat Furnace you will get 2 x 50 minute pesonal training sessions per week (8 in total), and  an exercise programme to be performed out side of session (2/3 times a week, don’t worry you will be told exactly what to do!)

Every session is designed around you, and will maximize fat metabolism;  you will be performing high intensity ‘big movement’ exercises that, not only burn a massive amount of calories during the session, but also carry on burning calories for the whole 24 hours after the session, (Even when slumped on the sofa, watching TV!)


What We Expect From You?

This programme is designed for people who want to shed fat fast so you can probably imagine it is going to tough. However, you don’t need to be an athlete to take part as the programme is designed around your strength and fitness levels.

To get the best results from the programme you will have to abide by the following rules:

You have to stick to the nurtrition plan as it is outline.

For at least the first 14 days you cannot eat processed foods or consume alcohol.

You will have to  to complete every session including the sessions performed on your own, there is 168 hours in a week, surely you can find 5 hours to improve your body and life?

If you stick to these 3 simple rules and work really hard in the session YOU WILL GET fab results!

And you will also achieve all of the following:

  • Fat loss

  • Improved body shape/tone

  • Your confidence will go through the roof

  • A great sense of pride and achievement

  • Increased energy levels

  • Better quality of life

  • You will be happier, as your mood is lifted

  • Loads of compliments from friends and family

  •                              And of course you will become: Healthier, fitter, stronger and more flexible!



        Ready to start?