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Mark Poole

– Transform Fitness Training Owner & Elite Personal Trainer

– BSC Degree Advanced Personal Fitness Training

– Southport’s Body Transformation & Fat Loss Specialist



Hi There! I’m Mark, Elite Personal Trainer and owner of Transform Fitness Training. First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at my website and learn about what Transform Fitness Training can do for you. Keep reading if you want to know more about me and my journey to becoming Southport’s Fat Loss & Body Transformation Specialist and be sure to sign up to our weekly newsletter which will be full of excellent fat loss, nutrition and exercise advice, sent directly to your e-mail, free of charge.



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My Journey 

Growing up in Southport, I was extremely active from a very young age, attending athletics club after school and joining every sports team under the sun.  It wasn’t until I moved to Cornwall at the age of 12, and started playing rugby, that I began to live and breathe, health and fitness. Playing rugby, I quickly advanced into the first team and then onto county level, with the prospect of representing my country and the aspiration of a career in rugby. It was due to rugby that I started going to the gym in order to improve my physique and fitness levels, and I immediately developed a passion for structured exercise.

At 15, I suffered a severe Knee injury, which required major surgery, this effectively put me out of rugby for 3 years. To keep sane, I focused on going to the gym and developing my physique and knowledge of exercise and nutrition. At 16 I was addicted to the gym and began training my friends and family, and even had a couple of paying clients! The results that my client’s got were excellent, and It was then that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life.

Instead of completing a 6 week personal training course like other trainers, I decided to get the best possible education, by completing a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Advanced Personal Fitness Training at the University of Central Lancashire. I moved 300 miles away from home, to the other side of the country, where I studied for 3 years. The Degree included modules in advanced personal training, molecular level nutrition, advanced physiology, exercise prescription, client management and more.

I graduated with honors, and immediately began personal training at a private studio near Southport. By applying my knowledge and experience, my client’s were achieving amazing results, I started applying my own systems and formulas for exercise and nutrition which resulted in impressive body transformations for my client’s.

I decided to start playing rugby again, and soon suffered the same horrific injury to my knee! Which would take 18 months and another operation to heal, which meant I was  forced to take a break from training. During this time, my diet took a big hit! I was comfort eating  more and more to make myself feel better. and my weight was creeping up. But it wasn’t until I got my holiday pics onto my computer, that I realized how much fat I had put on, by the end I had put on over 3 stone.Looking back, I felt terrible at the time, but this experience was invaluable! It not only gave me understanding of how easy it is to get out of shape, but also how much being overweight, unfit and unhappy with my body, effected my self-esteem and my confidence.

When the 18 months were finally over, I completely changed my lifestyle by implementing my training and nutrition formulas that I had designed for my clients, on myself. Within 2 months I had dropped 3 stone, was in the shape of my life and even gained recognition from elite international fitness models for my transformation. This chapter of my life has taught me a lot, it put me in my client’s shoes and showed me how my client’s think and feel during their transformations, and I believe it has made me a better Personal trainer. I have since been personal training, and through the years, I have helped transform, literally, hundreds of people fed up with their bodies and the effect it was having on their life.

Before After



To the left is the photo that made the penny drop, and to the right of it is 2 months later of applying my exercise programme and diet.

(it wasn’t easy!! I had to give it my all for the whole 2 months!)






My passion is helping people who are determined to transform their body due to the effects it is having on their mental and physical health, as I have been in the same position and know exactly how it feels.

  • My programmes are specialized towards fat loss and physique transformation, and are designed using proven formulas and scientific principles. I know exactly what it takes to transform your body.

Personal training in a Southport park.


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