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Transform Fitness Training is a specialist personal training company based in Southport, Merseyside and set up by Southport’s very own fat loss and body transformation specialist, Mark Poole.

Transform Fitness Training was founded on the desire to deliver the very highest level of Personal Training, to ensure that our client’s achieve their dreams.

The concept behind the company is simple, it is not to lose a few pounds, or to increase functional strength, or even to have a ‘healthier lifestyle’, the concept is: TOTAL Body Transformation, and nothing less.

Lets face it, you didn’t click on this page because you want to be healthier, you’re here because you’re not happy with your body and you want to CHANGE!

Our client’s trust us in helping them accomplish their goals in the quickest and safest way possible. And we don’t achieve this by prescribing amazing fat loss pills, or by using ‘wonder equipment’ that will supposedly get you an 8 pack in 2 weeks, like the countless gimmicks that you see on the shopping channels. We do this through a combination of fat blitzing, ‘big movement’ exercises, which are designed to burn the most amount of calories possible, you will even be burning calories for up to 48 hours after a session! Accompanied with and a personalized calorie melting nutritional program including a 10 day ‘metabolic re-calibration’ period .

As you can imagine, transforming your body is not easy, it requires complete dedication towards achieving your goals. It requires a complete change to your lifestyle and habits long term.

If you are not willing to put in 100% effort in, then Transform Fitness Training is not for you; we only take on client’s that are going to try their very best.

However if you are truly motivated towards achieving the body you want, then you will really enjoy this life changing experience and will be left feeling an amazing sense of pride and achievement. (and of course an awesome body!)

You do not need any fitness and or prior exercise experience, just the willpower to change.

If you are truly dedicated, completely fed up with the way you look feel, and will do what ever it takes to change, then Sign up for our New Years Special Offer, the 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge Now! To ensure you get a place and get over a THIRD off whilst the offer lasts! Or book a free consultation!