Booking system instructions

Booking system!!

Right guys, please follow the instructions to get yourself set up on the booking system.

*PLEASE NOTE* Only book your sessions for the week on the Saturday or Sunday before! The system will allow you to book on anyday as long as it’s up to a week in advance. But, to keep it so that everyone’s not booking all over the place, PLEASE ONLY BOOK ON THE WEEKEND! (I will delete any bookings made during the week – first come first serve obviously)


STEP 2: Click “sign in to view session availibility”

STEP 3: Create a new account and fill in the form

STEP 4: Click the menu icon (the 3 horizontal lines) and click memberships.

STEP 5: “buy” the Transform membership you have e.g. 2, 3 or 4 sessions a week (most people will be 3 sessions a week, the guys on the 2 and 4 sessions per week will know who they are – new 6 weekers will be 3 sessions a week) *NOTE – even though it say buy you dont actually pay anything so don’t worry 🙂

STEP 6: ONce you have added the Transform Membership – click on schedule and SAVE the page as a book mark 🙂

STEP 7: Start booking your sessions for the week, every weekend, and make sure you cancel them if you can’t make it!!