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Early Bird Body Blast Boot Camp


 Women In Southport That Want To:


Lose At Least 2cm,

Drop % Body Fat

Have a flatter tummy in just one week!


SPECIAL DEAL:Only £7! (for the first five places)


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Flatter Tummy Kickstart

£7 for 7 day access! 

We have put together a 7 days to a flatter tummy programme specifically for women in Southport.

Along with a 7 day nutrition plan, guide and starter pack you will have a weeks access to our early bird Body Blast Boot Camp sessions!

Sessions are held at 6.20am Tuesday & Thursday and 8.30am Saturday at St Lukes Church on St Lukes Road


Early Bird Sessions!

Did you know?

Exercising before breakfast burns way more calories!

Exercising is a great way to start the day and you actually have more energy throughout!

If you smash your exercise session out in the morning then you don’t have to worry about driving to the gym after work when really all you want to do is go home and relax!


First five places are £7 (£19.99 for the rest)

Sessions times are Tuesday & Thursday at 6.20am and Saturday at 8.30am.

Get your 1 week access now! (you can pay by debit/credit card via paypal!)


 (Only 4 Places Left!)


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No Two Sessions The Same!

Repetitive exercise fails. FACT.

Doing the same thing over and over again WILL result in failure.

Not only will the novelty of a new programme wear off pretty quickly but your body gets used to doing the same thing and stops changing.

At Body Blast Boot Camp no two sessions are the same.

This keeps you body on ‘it’s toes’ and results in great, long lasting changes.

This also means you will have lots of fun at every session, burn lots of calories, all whilst toning/shaping you body!




All The Benefits Of Personal Training At A Fraction Of The



Body Blast Boot Camp is MORE than just an exercise class.

BBBC incorporates every aspect of fitness, support and nutrition to deliver long lasting results:


  • Accountability and Measurements

First of all you will have a phone consulation so that we can establish exactly what you want to achieve and what’s driving you to achieve it. We measure your weight, measurements and body composition at the beginning and reassess every 4 weeks. This way we can make sure you are progressing towards your goals. We will also take a photo right at the start which we will email to you, a before photo is a great motivation tool!


  • Effective Exercise

Designed to Blast Fat, Tone and Shape using a mixture of resistance training, fully body movements and high intensity intervals, Body Blast Boot Camp sessions will bring long lasting changes to your body.


  • Nutrition Advice and Support

Get started with the fat blasting 21 day kick starter nutrition plan which will include advice about choosing the right foods as well as a shopping list, example nutrition plan and recipe list. You will also get a starter pack which will contain tips about motivation, hunger and everything else you could expect when transforming your body.


  • Private Members Only Support Group

All boot camp member will have access to our private Facebook group, where we can get added support outside session, Members post motivation posts and videos, recipe ideas and weight loss tips and advice. A great tool to keep you motivated.


  • Friendly Female-Only Atmosphere – Suitable for all fitness levels!

Everyone is in the same boat at Body Blast Boot Camp! Everyone is really friendly and supportive of each other as we all try and make long lasting changes to our body and health. Worried that you are not fit enough to attend! No problem, we modify every exercise to make it suitable for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels!


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