The 6 Week Transformation Programme

For BUSY MUMS who would LOVE to:

Drop 1-2 Dress Sizes (and stone) in 6 Weeks

Only 3 Places Left!

Our Last Programme this year!!!

10 Places Released

Hi I'm Mark

I am the owner and founder of Transform Ladies Bootcamp, and yes I’ve been there too! (that’s a before/after picture of me on the right)

I started Transform Ladies Bootcamp to help ladies get into the best shape of their lives, in an fun, supportive atmosphere.

My vision was to create a place where women came and enjoyed exercise for the first time whilst also getting incredible results!

Our ladies love the atmosphere and community so much that most will continue you with us  for many months/years!


"What RESULTS will I get?"

We have had ladies that have lost over 3 stones and 3 dress sizes by the end of the 6 week programme!


It depends on your goals, starting size and genetics.

Typically, the average is a 14-21lbs of fat lost and 1-2 dress sizes!

PLUS a huge increased feeling of: confidence, sexiness :P, fitness and energy!


What's behind our amazing fatloss/muscle toning Programme?

Being from personal training backgrounds and having the experience of helping literally 100’s (actually probably about a thousand) Southport Ladies, we know the exact ingredients needed in order to get into great shape!
  •  We pretty much provide the exact same service than we did for our personal training clients.
  • Effective fat burning meal plan and recipe book (Sent out as soon as you register!)
  • Effective varied exercise targeting the whole body and designed to tone up problem areas
  • Measurements and body composition taken and goals set (before the programme and after)
  • Support
  • Great fun friendly atmosphere with women just like you!
  • Starter Pack to get you super motivated
  • Help with motivation (when you have off days)

No guesswork...

Follow the advice and guidance we give you and we GUARANTEE you will get amazing results

Worried you're not fit enough???   ANYONE CAN DO IT!

We get women of all shapes & sizes, most that join haven't exercised in years, and some haven't exercised ever! 

We have a 'go at your own pace' policy down here at Transform so you can do as much as you're comfortable with.

Although you may start slow and steady, we guarantee that after a couple of weeks you're fitness and strength would of gone through the roof and by the end of the 6 weeks you won't even recognise how fit you have become!!!

Session Times - (choose 3 fat blitzing sessions a week!)

MONDAY: 6AM 7AM 9.30AM 5.30PM 6.30PM

TUESDAY: 6AM 7AM 9.30AM 5.30PM 6.30PM

WEDNESDAY: 6AM 9.30AM  5.30PM  6.30PM


FRIDAY: 6AM 9.30AM 6.00PM




On top of the 3 sessions a week you can come too, you also get free access to our weekly

Will Power Wednesday class! 

This class is ran by our longest serving bootcamper and psychologist Dr Jen Unwin. Who is an absolute fountain of knowledge when it comes to nutrition, motivation and staying on track. During these sessions Jen shares her tops tips and advice with everything nutrition, sugar and motivation related. These sessions are brilliant for those who need that bit of extra help, support and advice when trying to reach their goals.

Check out these amazing results from some of our DROP A STONE CLUB members :D!

Where are we?

Next to Lidl in Southport!

When Does The Next Programme Start?


How much is it to get on the programme?

To train with us on a ONE 2 ONE basis for 6 weeks, including sessions, measurement, fitness assessments and body composition testing, nutrition plan, recipe books and starter packs and access to online PT app would usually cost in the region of £700! (Which is still amazing value for money when you take in to account the LIFE CHANGING results you will achieve)
However, as we are offering this as a Group Programme and using the online support, we are able to give all of the same benefits of Personal training but at a fraction of the costs...


Grab yourself a place of the programme for just...

RRP: £139

Early bird discount: £99 

[That's Only £5.50 Per Session So Hurry As Price Going Up Soon]  

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Here's What You Need To Do


  • Click the "Reserve your spot" button below
  • You are then taken to Paypal where you can either: Pay via debit card or if you have an account you can pay via your paypal account
  • Complete the payment instructions
  • You will then receive a welcome email from us with the nutrition plan and all of the starter packs and we will arrange your first session! 🙂
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  • q-iconWhere are you based:

    26a Virginia Street, Southport (the next entrance along from lidl carpark)

  • q-iconWho is this for?

    Women between over the age of 30 that are NOT already in awesome shape.

    This is about targeting fat loss – specifically from around the stomach, arm and thigh area. For women that want to get their body confidence back and rediscover their passion for life.

  • q-iconHow does the programme work exactly?

    Come along to 3 sessions per week for 6 weeks.

    We will monitor your fitness, and track your weight and body fat % along the way.

    You will be looked after by a Personal Trainer every step of the way and will receive loads of guidance!

    The sessions get progressively get harder as the weeks go on so that by week 6 you will be amazed at how much fitter and stronger you are.


  • q-iconRealistically what can I expect to achieve?

    Fat loss  – between 12lbs and 21lbs.

    More strength.

    It will LITERALLY make you happier

    More energy that then leads on to more focus and productivity throughout the day.

    More confidence and self esteem

  • q-iconWhat equipment do I need?


    We provide everything.

  • q-iconWhat payment method do you accept?

    We use paypal. This allows you to still pay with your debit or credit card even if you don’t have a paypal account.

  • q-iconI'm on holiday during the programme. Is this a problem?


    If you have a holiday then as long as you let us know, we can add it on at the end 🙂

  • q-iconWhat times are available?

    6am – Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    7am – Monday Tuesday Thursday

    9.30am – Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    5.30pm – Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    6.30pm – Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

    Saturday – 8.30am

  • q-iconI am overweight,unfit and haven't exercised in years is this programme suitable for me?

    We accept people of all fitness levels as we level the exercises up and down depending on your fitness.

    We get loads of ladies who are completely out of shape! (some haven’t exercised at all, in their adult life!)

    We let everyone go at the own pace. You may notice women that are super fit and doing loads more than you. But what you need to remember is when these women started they would of been just as unfit as you!

    By the end of your 6 weeks you will be shocked at how much your fitness and strength have improved!

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