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For Southport Guys looking to get into shape!

Strictly For Busy Men Over 30 From Southport Area

Before reading any further, let me just say that losing weight from your gut when you're over 30 won't be easy. If you are after a quick fix then you've come to the wrong place.... BUT If you are willing to work for it, this is for you!




We Only Have Capacity For Limited Places!

5am - 4 Spaces Left!

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Hi, my name is Mark Poole,

I'm a Southport based Personal Trainer and I specialise in helping men over 30 to specifically target stomach fat loss, become physically stronger and get a much more youthful looking body back again.

I've gone through this journey myself and now I help others to do the same.....

It's easily done!

Back in 2011 I was unfit, out of shape and spent most of my time stressed out.

It wasn't easy.

I was working long, long hours at work and exercise and nutrition seemed to of took a back seat.

I could feel myself gaining weight and I was actually getting out of breath going up and down the stairs!

I some really good excuses though...

"I don't have the time" 

"I don't have the energy"

"I'll start next month"

Classics, right?

What it all came down to was my motivation, or lack thereof 

My confidence was shot and I felt I was on a downward spiral




The Wake Up Call!

It was late in 2011 and I needed to buy a new pair of shorts (before I became a PT). I took a trip to the shops and to my horror the shorts I tried on were too small around the waist - they were size 36".

Then after the holiday, we looked through our pics and to my horror saw how out of shape I had become! (You can see one of the pics above!)

These 2 things close together were my wake up call

Have You Ever Lost Motivation?


Whenever I speak to guys that want to join my programme and I ask them WHY they have not got the results they want in the past, the response is always the same

"I lost motivation"

"I struggle to stay motivated"

....and I was the same.


get's in the way.

Other things

become more important - kids, wife, work or just lack of energy. It all contributes to this never ending cycle of unhealthy living and an expanding waistline. 


Which is exactly why this programme is designed to overcome this problem. 


What do you want to achieve in 6 weeks?


That's what I ask everyone that enquires about joining my 6 week programme. Here are some typical answers:

"Lose my jelly belly and get a firm stomach"

"Re-programme a poor mindset! , Lose a stone! , Reduce alcohol intake, Stop feeling shit!"

"To lose my moobs and lose as much as possible around my waist. I'd also like to start toning up and building strength."

"Back into old summers clothes. Feel that I'm work something to me. I've kind of given up."

Ever Joined A Gym And Not Seen Results?


I know hundreds of people who have done this. 

With plenty of trial and error at first.

You go from one gym to the next and would hardly see any reward for my efforts.

It's tough.

Nutrition is the key

Most people go to the gym and eat what they think 'is healthy' but in fact the food that they are eating is undoing all of the hard work 

Oats are healthy right? and fruit, rice, pasta and potatoes

But did you know they are all pretty crap for weight loss?

They're can be a difference between a healthy diet and a good fat loss diet!

E.g. my diet is healthy. Lots of meat, fish, whole complex carbs etc. however if someone looking to lose weight went onto my diet, they would probably end up putting on 4 stone!

My diet is not built for fat loss, my body fat is low so it is not my goal

If you are looking to lose the moobs and muffin top then you need to make sure you are eating the right stuff




It's worked for these guys!

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and now I want to show you how to kick start your own transformation


First of all though, check whether you're eligible?

Can you answer YES to the following?:

  • Over 30 years old
  • Can invest in just over a fiver a session to transform how they look and feel
  • You would class yourself as 'not very fit'
  • You're super busy and struggle to find the time to exercise
  • You would love to lose at least 1 stone in 6 weeks
  • You are prepared to give up alcohol for at least 6 days per week
  • You're prepared to sweat during your workouts and will not give up when it gets tough
  • You want to create new healthy habits that will last a lifetime
  • You have love handles that you hate seeing

If you can answer YES to the above then keep reading...

During the 6 Week Programme you might lose a tonne of weight, drop clothes sizes, start developing toned muscle/abs and feel great (If you fully commit and work hard!)

Getting amazing results really quickly is great, but what you need to get your head around is that as soon as you stop and go back to your old ways

So will you body and all your hard earned improvements

The most important thing for us, is changing the way your brain works

So exercise and eating right isn't a choice, but a habit

So you just do it

Without thinking

An analogy we like to use is brushing your teeth

When you brush your teeth you don't really think about it, you just get up and do it

It may of took a while when you were a child for your parents to drill that behaviour into you

But now it's there to stay

This is what exercising and eating right needs to become

A habit!


The Sessions & Nutrition Plan

Our sessions are ran and designed by qualified and experienced personal trainers (not some bored, clock watching - gym class instructor)

Men only sessions which are designed for out of shape guys looking to improve fitness and lose the belly at the same time

We aim to make every single sessions different, we incorporate a huge amount of training principles and literally thousands of different exercises to make sure you not only get results initially, but carry on getting great results!


The most important aspect of the programme (if you are looking to shed pounds) is the nutrition plan!

We send you out a nutrition plan, broken down into 3 meals and 2 snack each day as well as a full recipe book and guidelines

As well as this we send you out a starter pack and motivation pack to get you super pumped and organised for the start of the programme

Accountability, measurements and fitness assessments

We aim to give our bootcamp client's the same chances of success as our personal training client's!


We implement everything that we do with our PT client's in to the group training too!

We measure and track your weight, measurements and body fat % as well as your upper, lower body and core strength &  your cardio fitness too, so you can really see the differences!

Basically think of it as group personal training! (rather than just an exercise class)

Daily accountability, support, advice, motivation and focus is provided via our exclusive 'closed group' members only support page - helping you to stay on track and super pumped about your progress. 


NEW* We now also have an accountability app that you can download straight to your phone!

Using the app, we can monitor and track you measurements, set you home workouts, log nutrition and monitor your fitness too! (Our client's are loving this!)

  • Accountability, motivation and support is provided through our members only online group.

  • Any daily questions that you have regarding workouts, nutrition or just the programme in general can be answered in this forum. Similar guys with similar challenges.

When Does The Next Programme Start?

Any date between 8th and 24th May!

Fast Forward 6 Weeks From Today

  • You've done it.
  • You've exceeded all expectations on this program. 
  • You're wearing smaller t-shirts again.
  • People are commenting on how well you look. 
  • You've created new healthy habits that make you feel good about yourself. 
  • Your confidence with your body has returned.


How does this all make you feel about yourself?

...pretty good right?


We have had loads of interest in this programme since we launched it in February

We are taking applications for places now for our next 6 week programme

If you are fed up, super motivated and willing to give it your all for 6 weeks (then we want you on our programme) and you can apply below!


  • q-iconWhere are you based:

    St Phillips Church on Scarisbrick New Road

  • q-iconWho is this for?

    Men between the ages of 30 and 60 that are NOT already fit.

    This is about targeting fat loss – specifically from around the stomach area. For guys that want to get their body confidence back and rediscover their passion for life.

  • q-iconHow does the programme work exactly?

    Come along to 3 sessions per week for 6 weeks. 

    We will monitor your fitness, and track your weight and body fat % along the way.

    They progressively get harder as the weeks go on so that by week 6 you will be amazed at how much fitter and stronger you are.


  • q-iconRealistically what can I expect to achieve?

    Fat loss from around your stomach – between 12lbs and 21lbs. 

    More strength.

    More energy that then leads on to more focus and productivity throughout the day. 

    More confidence and self esteem connecting you again to your wife and kids. 

  • q-iconWhat equipment do I need?


    We provide everything. 

  • q-iconWhat payment method do you accept?

    We use paypal. This allows you to still pay with your debit or credit card even if you don’t have a paypal account. 

  • q-iconI'm on holiday during the program. Is this a problem?


    Anytime missed can be added on to the end. 

  • q-iconWhat times are available?

    5am Mondays, Wednesday & Fridays

    6am Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

    6pm Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays


  • q-iconCan my wife or partner do the same nutrition plan as me?

    Absolutely! This plan works for all humans 😉

Here's What You Need To Do Next!

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  • Fill in the application form
  • We will be in contact to discuss your goals and the programme

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