4 Week Live Lockdown Programme!

THIS is for guys from the Southport area  over 30 who are completely fed up of lockdown and want to:

*BURN a tonne of fat.

*DROP a trouser size (or 2).

*Get RID of “moobs”, “muffin tops” and “Beer bellys”.

*SCULPT a leaner body. 

*And have a GINORMOUS KICK UP THE ARSE and to start feeling like yourself again!


Start as soon as you like!

ONLY 4 PLACES Remaining


“Hi, I’m Mark and a big welcome to Blast Bootcamps  🙂

Before the Apocalypse… guys from the Southport area flocked to our fully kitted Mens Only fitness facility in Southport to lose weight, drop belt notches, get fit and feel awesome!

UNFORTUNATELY gyms are no closed for the foreseeable future, but we are still helping guys get real, noticeable results by live streaming our sessions. 😉 )

We aim to give guys almost the exact same amazing experience that they would get if they were seeing us face to face.

Our live stream 4 Week lockdown programme offers just that!

This is soooo much more than your typical “jump around the front room until you are out of breath” online programme that most online trainers offer.”

Read More Below to find out what the programme offers and the kind of incredible results you can get in just 3 weeks!!




Timetable (Take part in as many sessions as you like)

Monday Legs

6am 6pm

Tuesday Upper Body Blast


Wednesday Full Body Blitz

6am 6pm

Thursday Resistance


Friday Fat Burn

6am 6pm

Take A Look At Some Of Our Amazing Results (Achieved By Men Just Like You!)

What is the programme all about??

And what sort of results can I expect? Ok so we are excited about this one.  We have designed an awesome programme where our fellas are getting tons of workouts, tons of nutrition advice and guidance, tons of support, tons of fun and tons of results.  So here are the main features:


Take part in as many sessions as you like every week! 

We have 8  sessions a week you can get involved with! Can’t make a session time one day? Don’t worry we record all of our sessions too! So you can do them whenever you like. We work on a different body part or different type of training everyday so you body is tested a different way each time and it doesn’t get boring. Our sessions are designed to tone and build muscles in legs, bell, chest arms and back! I might be slightly bias, but our sessions are the best out there, certainly in the area. Don’t believe me check out our facebook page reviews! (Search for Blast Bootcamp Men on Facebook) 


Full nutrition plan, guidance and advice.


Our plan is tried and tested and is AMAZING for fat loss. You will have more energy, feel less hungry and a lot less bloated. And of course you will lose a shed load of fat too. Is is pretty common to lose 3-7lbs in the first week of this plan!


Become a part of the Blast Community.

A massive part of why our fellas love us is the community aspect. We are not a big commercial gym, we are a small family run business and we genuinely love our clients and community. We are a face to face business in truth, but the lockdown has forced how hands to move our service online.  Community is so important to us and our culture here at Blast.  SO we are doing what it takes to give the same amazing experience to our clients that they have when our gym doors are open. We have our private members facebook group where everyone interacts and helps support each other, we do saturday night pub quizzes for everyone (live streamed of course) we have private whatsap groups and special events to help connect everyone. We are a family.





Support with your own coach!

You will receive a call from a coach at the start of the programme to help set you some goals and answer any questions you have.

Our amazing nutrition plan


This is what we tell anyone who joins…


If you stick to our nutrition plan you WILL get amazing results.


That’s because our nutrition plan is that effective. It literally makes your body target fat cells as energy. Which means lots of weight lost!


Not only that but our nutrition plan makes you feel full up all of the time, gives you loads of energy and makes you feel awesome!


We give you a full meal plan to follow as well as a guidance booklet. And of course we will be giving you full suppoort during the programme too.


Expect to lose 1-2 stone in 6 weeks when following this plan.

PLUS access all recorded sessions whenver you like if you miss a session!

A fantastic online programme

This programme is designed to give you a big kick up the backside and get you moving and eating well again.

We aim to give you a big increase in energy and motivation so that you can keep focused even after you have finished the programme.

I am soooo unfit, will it be too much for me?
No. We have guys of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. We have a go at your own pace policy here and we give easier and harder versions of exercises depending on the person. The great thing about our sessions is that you will start off really unfit and by  a couple weeks in you are going to be able to do so much more as you fitness massively improves!
Do I have to follow your super awesome meal plan?
Nope, but I will say this. If your goals are to lose weight and body fat, and to tone up. Nutrition is the most important part. If you do not follow a good nutrition plan, you will not lose weight/fat.
Where are you?

We are based in the centre of Southport, but we are offereing this programme to fellas right across the Northwest!

How much is it?

This awesome programme is £79


WE are giving an early bird discount (£30 off!).

The whole programme including all meal plans and support for

>>  £49 <<

The only catch is…

There’s only 2 places left!! So hurry if you want to join.

How do I sign up???

Click the button below to “Sign Up Now!”

you can pay via Card (by clicking the option checkout as guest)

or you can pay via a paypal account.

We will send you a welcome email shortly after with all of the starter packs, nutrition plans, recipe books and of course ALL OF THE INFO 


Time before price rises!








Or if you would like to speak to a coach before you sign up please ring: 07521197672


 “IFollow the meal plan, do the exercise classes and the results are there to see. Great environment, fantastic instructors and you’re there with like minded guys who all want to improve their fitness. Highly recommend this Boot Camp”


Simon, Blast  Member

“Great results, great fun, great trainers and a great group of lads that go.
I completed my six week program and signed up for a further six months straight away!
Bootcamp has changed my attitude to excecise and food for the better.”


Steve, Blast Member