is designed specifically for Fellas over 30...

 Who are looking to:

*SHRED a stone in fat for the summer!


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OUR BRAND NEW PROGRAMME! (We are excited about this one)

The 4 Week Fat Furnace is short term programme designed to give you a kick up the arse with fat loss and exercise.

This is for guys, who might have a holiday coming up, a wedding or event or something in the near future where they want to feel and look awesome for.

We have combined our fun high intensity strength and fitness sessions with our crazily effective fat loss meal plan to give you amazing results in 4 weeks. On top of that we have now combined the meal plan with an awesome eating protocol that will SUPERCHARGE fat loss. It will have you burning fat and building muscle as much as 3 times the rate as if you just following the meal plan alone. All of our nutrition guidelines are back by pure science, none of this faddy miracle fat loss pill crap. Cold, hard, effective science.

Follow our advice and I guarantee you will lose at least 10lbs of fat (minimum) as well as putting some lean muscle on.





Strictly For Busy GUYS Over 30 From Southport Area

How does the programme work?

Really simple...


  • You sign up and then get redirected to the Starter Pack Page
  • Here, you get all the information about when and where you are going etc. as well as download the various starter packs! And you get yourself on the private members facebook support group too.
  • You download the meal plan, recipe book, guidelines, starter pack and supercharge fat loss protocol.
  • We arrange your first sessions, in the meantime you read all the material we send and go for a big shop so your ready to kickass with the nutrition!
  • You come along to the first session, where you will meet your trainer who will do your starting measurements/bodyfat/before pic and set some goals to smash!
  • You will meet the other fellas who are on the exact same journey as you. And will help support each other
  • You nail the nutrition and exercise for 4 weeks and get your final measurements done at the end
  • You are amazed by how much fat you've shredded, you now look and feel great, you are way fitter and stronger too.

Ever Joined A Gym And Not Seen Results?

Our sessions are designed so that not only do you get results at the start, but you keep getting them throughout the programme!


We do that by making sure every session is different. 


The mistake people make in the gym is they plod along with the same old session, bit of treadmill, bit of rower, few weights, rinse and repeat.


To get the best results, and to stop your body adapting to the training stimulus, you need to be pushing your body in different ways in every session, which is exactly what we do!


The added bonus of course, is that the sessions never get boring as their is always something different!

and now I want to show you how to kick start your own transformation


When Does The Next Programme Start?

JUNE 2018! Places will go quick.


WE will be selling this programme for £79

(WHICH is cheap as chips for the results you are going to get!)


You can grab yourself the early bird discount and get the programme for just...


We want to take on 10 guys who are up for the challenge and are willing to give it there all! 


TO grab yourself a spot and to kickstart your fat burning straight away CLICK the button bellow.

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  • Sign up and pay via paypal
  • You will then be redirected to the starter pack page, where you can download the fat blasting meal plans, guidelines and recipe books (so you can get going straight away!)
  • We will be in contact to arrange your first session within 24 hours 🙂
  • Come to your first session a little earlier to have a chat about where you are at, your goals and we will do your measurements.


  • q-iconWhere are you based:

    26a Virginia Street, Southport (the next entrance along from lidl carpark)

  • q-iconWho is this for?

    Men over the age of 30 that are NOT already in awesome shape.

    This is about targeting fat loss – specifically from around the stomach, arm and thigh area. For men that want to get their body confidence back and rediscover their passion for life.

  • q-iconWhat is the 4 Week Fat Furnace About?


    Come along to 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks. 

    We will monitor your fitness, and track your weight and body fat % along the way.

    You will be looked after by a Personal Trainer every step of the way and will receive loads of guidance!

    The sessions get progressively get harder as the weeks go on so that by week 4 you will be amazed at how much fitter and stronger you are.


    Full nutrition plan, starter packs, recipe books etc. to help blast that weight off.


  • q-iconRealistically what can I expect to achieve?

    Fat loss  – between 12lbs and 21lbs. 

    More strength.

    It will LITERALLY make you happier

    More energy that then leads on to more focus and productivity throughout the day. 

    More confidence and self esteem 

    Long term habits and a new found passion for exercise and eating right

  • q-iconWhat equipment do I need?


    We provide everything. 

  • q-iconWhat times are available?

    We have 5am, 6am and 6pm sessions available please see above.

  • q-iconI am overweight,unfit and haven't exercised in years is this programme suitable for me?

    We accept people of all fitness levels as we level the exercises up and down depending on your fitness. (as long as you are safe to exercise i.e. no medical conditions that contraindicate vigorous exercise)

    We get loads of guys who are completely out of shape! (some haven’t exercised at all, in their adult life!)

    We let everyone go at the own pace. You may notice men that are super fit and doing loads more than you. But what you need to remember is when these men started they would of been just as unfit as you!

    By the end of your 6 weeks you will be shocked at how much your fitness and strength have improved!

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