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“Hi, I’m Mark and a big welcome to Transform Ladies Bootcamps Southport 🙂

It is my mission to help as many ladies as possible escape from the depressing dieting world and become leaner, fitter, healthier and most importantly, happier.

Before the Apocalypse… ladies from the Southport area flocked to our fully kitted Ladies Only fitness facility in Southport to lose weight, drop dress sizes, get fit and feel amazing!

Since the Lock down we have made it our goal to help ladies who are fed up and want to lose weight and get into amazing shape… but from the comfort of their front room.

To basically give ladies almost the exact same amazing experience that they would get if they were seeing us face to face.

Our live stream 21 day lockdown programme offers just that!

This is soooo much more than your typical “jump around the front room until you are out of breath” online programme that most online trainers offer.”

Read More Below to find out what the programme offers and the kind of incredible results you can get in just 3 weeks!!



Take A Look At Some Of Our Amazing Results (Achieved By Ladies Just Like You!)

What is the programme all about??

And what sort of results can I expect?

Ok so we are excited about this one.

 We have designed an awesome programme where our ladies are getting tons of workouts, tons of nutrition advice and guidance, tons of support, tons of fun and tons of results. 

 I could write an entire article about the 21 Day Lockdown (but then you would get bored haha) so here are the main features:


Take part in as many sessions as you like every week! 

We have 4 sessions a day most days! Can’t make a session time one day? Don’t worry we record all of our sessions too! so you can do them whenever you like. We work on a different body part or different type of training everyday so you body keeps changing and it doesn’t get boring. Our sessions are designed to tone and firm legs, butt, tummy, arms and back! I might be slightly bias, but our sessions are the best out there, certainly in the area. Don’t believe me check out our facebook page reviews! CLICK HERE TO VIEW FACEBOOK PAGE


Full nutrition plan, guidance and advice.


Our plan is tried and tested and is AMAZING for fat loss. You will have more energy, feel less hungry and a lot less bloated. And of course you will lose a shed load of fat too. Is is pretty common to lose 3-7lbs in the first week of this plan!


Become a part of the Transform Community.

A massive part of why our ladies love us is the community aspect. We are not a big commercial gym, we are a small family run business and we genuinely love our clients and community. We are a face to face business in truth, but the lockdown has forced how hands to move our service online.  Community is so important to us and our culture here at Transform.  SO we are doing what it takes to give the same amazing experience to our clients that they have when our gym doors are open. We have our private members facebook group where everyone interacts and helps support each other, we do saturday night pub quizzes for everyone (live streamed of course) we have private whatsap groups and special events to help connect everyone. We are a family.



Extra sessions.

We have additional sessions you can book onto to help keep you sane during the Lockdown. Wednesdays and Fridays we have a kids and parents class which is loads of fun. We do a stretch and mindfulness class every week too. And more!



Face to face support with your own clients success manager!

You will have 1 to 1 support from our amazing client success manager, Christine, who’s sole job is is to keep you motivated, to make sure you get amazing results and to make sure you are enjoying everything throughout your time with us. She will be keeping in contact with you throughout the programme.


Our amazing nutrition plan


This is what we tell anyone who joins…


If you stick to our nutrition plan you WILL get amazing results.


That’s because our nutrition plan is that effective. It literally makes your body target fat cells as energy. Which means lots of weight lost!


Not only that but our nutrition plan makes you feel full up all of the time, gives you loads of energy and makes you feel awesome!


We give you a full meal plan to follow as well as a guidance booklet. And of course we will be giving you full suppoort during the programme too.


Expect to lose 1-2 stone in 6 weeks when following this plan.

A fantastic community with unlimited coaching and support

You will never feel alone on the 6 Week  Programme.

Become part of a fantastic community of like-minded ladies who are all on the same journey as you. Everyone is really friendly and supportive and you will make lots of new friends along the way.

You can connect with the other ladies at any time in the private members-only Facebook group. Share tips, ideas and experiences and achieve amazing things together.

We will also be there to support you on your journey every step of the way, helping you stay motivated and on track .

Expect to be contacted regularly by our client success manager who will help keep you motivated and on track for great results!

I am soooo unfit, will it be too much for me?

No. We have ladies of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. We have a go at your own pace policy here and we give easier and harder versions of exercises depending on the person. The great thing about our sessions is that you will start off really unfit and by a couple weeks in you are going to be able to do so much more as your fitness massively improves!

Do I have to follow your super awesome meal plan?
Nope, but I will say this. If your goals are to lose weight and body fat, and to tone up. Nutrition is the most important part. If you do not follow a good nutrition plan, you will not lose weight/fat.
Where are you?

Our ladies indoor fitness centre is based on 26a Virginia Street, next to Lidl Southport. Obviously, it is temporarily closed at the moment. The 21 day lockdown programme is performed entirely from home!

How do I get a place onto the programme??

If you are reading this then you have already filled in an application form via facebook. If successful we will be in contact with you to arrange a quick chat to see whether you are a good fit for the programme and the programme is a good fit for you. As well as give you all of the information about the programme. We only have 10 places so we want to make sure the ladies that get the places have some important goals and will work their butts off. We will ping you a text over to arrange a time to chat 🙂

Or if you haven’t filled an application in yet you can contact us on 07521197672.


 “I joined in 2017 and really enjoyed the classes trainers vary the sessions every time and the ladies that go are all really friendly everyone feels welcome. I then joined DW thinking I would use the gym do classes and swim in reality I only did Pilates and missed bootcamp so rejoined beginning of this year best decision I have ever made. If you want the full body work out and to lose weight while having fun this is most definitely the place to be”


Elinor, Transform Ladies Member

“Having tried every diet possible and joined countless classes/gyms transform is the only exercise group where I have managed to lose weight,get fit and keep it off as well as making so many new friends who all support each other could not recommend highly enough for anyone who wants to reap the benefits join transform worth every penny”


Sue, Transform Ladies Member