Starter Packs & Booking System

Hey Guys!

Welcome to Blast Boot Camp!

I hope your excited to get going 🙂

This page has all the information, starter packs and forms for you to get going.


This page is split into a few sections.


Step 1: Sign up to the Booking System


Step 2: Info (address, parking, facebook group etc.)


Step 3: Download you Starter Packs and Nutrition Plans!


Step 1 - Booking System

Here is the link to sign up to the Booking System. Please only ever book your sessions at the weekend.


E.g. this weekend you would book your sessions for next week. And next weekend you would book your sessions for the week after.


Click the link below and click "buy" membership for £0.


Once you have done that it will ask you if you have an account. Click the option "no I need an account"

 fill in the details and when you are done it will allow you to click onto schedule and start booking the sessions. (make sure you save the webpage on your phone so you access it easily each weekend)