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For most women, losing weight and getting into shape is no walk in the park. Everyone knows you HAVE to exercise, but for most of us,(who don’t know a thing about exercise) we have no idea where to start, let alone the steps it takes to get into shape. And of course there is the nutrition to think about as well; but with so much comepeting info out there, it’s extremely difficult to make the right decisions when it comes to putting stuff on our plate!


Our total body exercise and nutrition programmes are designed to kick start your body and metabolism into  fat burning overdrive. It was Developed by Southport’s Body Transformation & Fat loss Specialist, Mark Poole, using a combination of exercise protocols based on the  latest fat loss scientific research and Mark’s own proven fat loss systems, to bring about rapid results. The programmes can be performed right from the comfort of your living room with out having to sign up to a gym or buy your own equipment. Transform Fitness Training brings all of the equipment to you.



-“YES! I’m ready to learn more about what it takes to achieve the body I want. I’m tired of looking and feeling the way I do and I’m serious about getting results and reclaiming my attractive healthy body once and for all. I’m sick of yo-yo diets and cancelled gym memberships and just want to be able to feel healthy, have more energy and feel great about my self. I am interested in more information about your programmes, including private one on one training, and would like to arrange a complimentary private consultation with you.” (worth £50 value)

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Shocking Truth

 Did you know that for a woman, losing weight and getting into shape is a lot harder than it is for a man? Some men seem to only look at the gym and they’re losing weight.

Due to hormones and biological makeup women have a much harder time getting into shape. Testosterone is great for burning fat, unfortunately women have around 20 times less the amount that men have. Another reason for the slower results than men, is muscle. Muscle is highly metabolic, meaning that it burns lots of energy and unfortunately men naturally tend to have more muscle than women.

Don’t Despair!

 Transform Fitness Training know exactly what it takes for women to get into shape once and for all. With a combination of resistance training, full body cardio movements and toning/shaping bodyweight exercises along with a TAILORED nutrition programme designed to help you achieve your goals, you can get your body into the type of shape you have always wanted it to be!


Our Programmes are built upon  the 5 pillars for success!


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Here is what some of our client’s have to say…


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“Mark is a fantastic trainer. He is always cheerful and on time and every session is different. I have got a lot fitter and lost 17lb in 8 weeks. If you follow what he says you will get brilliant results and feel great.”

Jen Unwin, 50, Southport



“6 weeks ago I was pretty happy with everything in my life apart from one thing. Determined to be the weight I want to be for my 30th birthday I was doing cardio exercise every day and eating 1 meal…of carbs. Bad bad bad. Then I met Mark and from there everything had changed. I wanted to smash the 6 week programme and be the best pupil! The diet plan mark gave me meant I could eat 5 times a day! *faints* and eat cheese! *double faints*. Ive found every session with Mark to be totally amazing and we have made every exercise count. Not only will you transform your body in 6 weeks, but you’ll make a great mate, although be warned this comes with a warning *YOU WILL HAVE FUN* If you put in 100% and do what you’re told you will get results. I have a journey ahead of me still but now I have everything I need to carry on! In 12 months time when you are wearing the amazing dress or sunning yourself in Rio, you will be glad you started today.”

Kathryn Ward, 29, Southport

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“Training with Transform Fitness Training has been a great experience.  I had given up on my yo-yo dieting and was certain that my body just wasn’t capable of changing, I joined the programme as a last throw of the dice at obtaining a nice body. It’s been a life changing experience and my body has been completely transformed! It has been one of he hardest things I’ve ever done and there has been days where I have absolutely hated Mark (on my lazy days when he has kicked my Bum into shape ha), but it has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and I’ve never felt more confident at other time in my life. Thank you so much!”

Karen Hawkins, 44, Southport

before after karen



YES! I’m ready to take the first step towards transforming my body, I’m interested in starting a programme and would like to book a FREE private consultation”

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