Our Place

Our Ladies only gym can be found at 30 Virginia Street, Southport, the next entrance along from Lidl. We have gone out of our way to make the atmosphere as Transform Ladies as welcoming, friendly and fun as possible. It is a place of support.We don’t allow any posers or idiots in our gym, just lovely ladies who are ready to make a change and support all of the other lovely ladies on the same journey as themselves
Southport Personal Training Gym & Bootcamp

The Facilities

We have a fully kitted out gym with loads of different types of equipment. From Dumbbells to Battling ropes, from kettlebells to Sleds which you push along the floor!

BUT NO boring exercise machines.
There is so much variety with our equipment as we want to keep the sessions as fun and different as possible. Plus using your body in different ways is the best way to get results.

Don’t worry though, we will teach you how to use everything properly!

The Atmosphere

Friendly/ Welcoming/ Fun/ Supportive

This is the experience that we aim to bring to every single session.

One of our core values is to make every single person that walks through our doors feel welcome and a part of the team.

Our coaches are amazing, not just at motivating everyone and delivering great workouts, but also at making our ladies feel at ease.

But the most important part of the atmosphere is the other ladies. They are so supportive and welcoming.

Best Fitness Facilities, Supportive Community & Atmosphere

Our Community

We make the Atmosphere Welcoming, Friendly & Best for Fitness Training

Transform is a family. The moment you walk through our doors, you become a key part of it. The group of strangers that you start with will very quickly become your friends. Friends in the same boat, and on the very same journey as you. Community is a huge part of Transform. You will look forward to coming to the session because you get to have a laugh with your friends. AND we are not just about health and fitness at Transform. We arrange monthly social events so that we can hangout and have a laugh outside of the whole “getting fit” thing. We do things like fun runs, BBQ’s, charity fundraisers, Xmas parties and of course our infamous “bottomless brunches” .

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