Partner/Group Training

Partner/Group Training is a great way to get the benefits of

personal training and nutrition design, whilst paying less.



What is partner/group training and how will it work?

Partner/group training is taking part in an exercise programme with a one or more friend or family member. You will meet up at a designated training area be that at one of your homes or at a park, and exercise topartnertraininggether as a group or as partners depending on how many you are able to recruit!


Why should I train in a group?

The great thing about partner/group training is that you will be doing it with your friends and family, this means you are going to have loads of fun sharing the experience. Also, having partners relying on you will increase your motivation to stick to the programme so that you don’t let your training buddies down.

Being part of a group means that when you are stuggling, your training partners know exactly what you are going through and  will be able to help and motivate you through the difficult times. If your train with you close friends and family, then their is going to be less temptation to ‘cheat’ as you will all be in the same boat and your favourite treats won’t be offered to you as much!

Another great reason to train in a group is the reduced costs as the more people that train mean the less you pay!



What if me and my friends have different fitness levels?

Don’t worry! The sessions will be designed to accommodate people of different abilities and fitness levels. The programme will include exercise modifications so you will still be performing the same exercises, just at various difficulty levels.


What’s included?


With all the partner group training programmes you will receive:

Consultation/ Body Composition analysis

The initial consultation is built to determine exactly what your goals are, and what drives you towards achieving them. During this session, we will look at your health, exercise and nutritional history and also conduct a body composition analysis, where we will measure your body fat percentage and general fitness.

Personalized Nutritional Programme

Each of you will be given a personal nutrition programme to follow, depending on your goals and tastes. The programme will be optimized to help you achieve your goals and help support a demanding exercise schedule. You will also receive diet guidelines to advise you the best way to complete the programme.

Programme Design

Using the information from the initial consultation, a personalized exercise programme is designed. The programme will be built around progressive periodization to ensure that your results don’t plateau and that you body will constantly improve.

Exercise Sessions

You will never, EVER perform the same exercise session. Every single session will be designed to help you achieve your goal and will vary a number of variables to ensure that your body doesn’t ‘get used to’ the type of exercise you are doing. This will mean that you don’t plateau and your results keep on coming.



all programmes include a tailored nutrition schedule.


Partner Training (2 Persons)


10 Sessions:  Total: £399  (£200 each – £20 per session)


20 Sessions: Total: £699  (£350 each – £17.50 per session)


50 Sessions: Total: £1499 (£750 each 0 £15 per session)



Group of 3


10 Sessions:  Total: £510 (£170each – £17 per session)


20 Sessions: Total: £810  (£270 each – £13.50 per session)


50 Sessions: Total: £1710 (£570 each 0 £11.40 per session)


Group of 4 or more


10 Sessions:  Total: £610 (£152.50 each – £15.25 per session)


20 Sessions: Total: £920  (£230 each – £11.50 per session)


50 Sessions: Total: £1900 (£475 each – £9.50 per session)


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