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Personal Training in Southport


Here in Southport, we are very lucky with the environment that surrounds us.

You don’t have go far to get to one of our many parks, the beach, sand dunes or our beautiful nature reserve. And recently most of our parks, and  sea front, have been kitted out with state of the art outdoor exercise machines, making outdoor Personal Training in Southport a great way to achieving an amazing body.


Transform Fitness Training is Southport’s elite  personal training company , we specialize in fat loss and total body transformation and have changed the bodies and lives of countless clients.

How does Transform Fitness Training compare to other Personal Trainers in Southport?

Total Body Transformation is what we do, if your looking to get a bit healthier/fitter or lose or gain a couple of pounds, then there are plenty of personal trainers in Southport who can help. But if you are completely fed up of the way you look and feel, and want a complete transformation, then Transform Fitness Training is the only personal training company who prides itself on it’s ability to get the most dramatic results in the fastest time possible.

We come directly to you, but don’t worry, we bring all the equipment to you!

We will  also be making good use of the various scenery that Southport has to offer be that exercising on the beach, jogging through the pine forest or using our fat melting exercise equipment in the park.



Here is what some of our client’s have been saying:

“Really happy with results in the six weeks I have lost 30lbs, 8.5 inches on my waist and cut my heart rate down by a lot. I feel so good and has certainly changed me for the better, I am now running regularly and enjoying it. THANKS Mark.”

Adam Webster, 30, Southport


6 week change



“Training with Mark has been a great experience.  I had given up on my yo-yo dieting and was certain that my body just wasn’t capable of changing, I joined the programme as a last throw of the dice at obtaining a nice body. It’s been a life changing experience and my body has been completely transformed! It has been one of he hardest things I’ve ever done and there has been days where I have absolutely hated Mark (on my lazy days when he has kicked my Bum into shape ha), but it has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, and I’ve never felt more confident at other time in my life. Thank you so much Mark!”

Karen Hawkins, 44, Southport



Our programmes are specialized towards fat loss and physique transformation, and are designed using proven formulas and scientific principles. We know exactly what it takes to transform your body