One of the hardest things about losing weight is the feeling of hunger. All too often we reach for the biscuit tin or head to the vending machine when the hunger pangs kick in. I’ve put together a few handy guidelines that will help you overcome the feeling of hunger and help you make smart decisions.

If you are trying to lose weight, a good thing to envisage when your belly starts grumbling is that when you are hungry, your body is actively searching for body fat to burn as energy, as there is no food in your stomach. So when you’re feeling peckish, just try and imagine that your body is in fat-burning overdrive.

Also, follow these tips if you want to keep hunger under control:


Stay away from fast-release carbs.

As the name suggests, this type of carbohydrate is digested very quickly. Not only does this encourage the digested energy to be stored as fat, but it also brings about a feeling of hunger almost immediately afterwards!  Some examples of fast release carbs are: biscuits, sweets, white bread and cornflakes. To avoid hunger pangs you are much better off eating slow-release carbs such as: Porridge oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice.


Eat Protein, and lots of it

Protein is extremely satiating. If you eat something high in protein, you will feel fuller for longer than if you had eaten the same number of calories in carbs or fats. Most people can eat lots of biscuits, nuts and crisps without ever feeling full,  but a few eggs (high in protein, low in calories) is usually enough to fill up almost anyone!

Also an added benefit of eating protein is that we use more calories digesting it than we do with carbs and fats. For example, the digestion of protein uses up nearly ten times as much energy as the digestion of fat. So not only do you feel fuller, your also burning more calories!


Drink a glass of water

Sounds stupid, I know, but drinking water actually alleviates the feeling of hunger. One reason for this is that our brain often confuses thirst for hunger, as hunger is a much stronger sensation than thirst.  Also drinking a glass of water can trick our brain into feeling fuller.

On top of relieving hunger, drinking sufficient amounts of water burns calories (as our body needs to heat it up to an appropriate temperature), and it also helps the body metabolise fat!

Do we need any more reasons to drink more water?


Eat small meals/snacks regularly

Eating small meals regularly gives you a constant supply of energy throughout the day, meaning that your blood sugar levels are much more stable, helping keep those hunger pangs away.

Not only this but your metabolism keeps on firing throughout the day, meaning you are burning more calories and staying fuller!


Eat Fibre packed foods

Like Protein, fibre suppresses hunger. Go for fibre packed fruit and veg, as it will not only suppress your hunger but it will give you a boat load of goodness. (Also low in calories too!)