1.As long as I exercise hard, I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight

Unfortunately this is not the case. When trying to lose weight, your nutrition is 80% of the battle with exercise contributing only 20%. Exercise burns a surprisingly small amount of calories in the grand scheme of things. Running constantly for half an hour burns around 200-250 calories; a normal sized Snickers bar has 320 calories, so can you see why this strategy is doomed? However, that being said, exercise is still very important when trying to lose weight and get into shape. The only way to change the shape and tone of your body is by exercise (yes, you can lose weight with diet, but you’re shape won’t change). Also, if you combine both exercise and a healthy diet, you results with accelerate dramatically.

2.Cereal bars are a great snack to have when trying to lose weight

Cereal bars are marketed as a healthy nutritious snack or breakfast alternative; don’t believe the hype as this is not the case with the majority of them. “But they’re low in fat so they have to be healthy don’t they?” Low in fat does not mean healthy. They’re made from processed carbs which means that they will be fast digesting causing a dramatic increase in blood sugar levels. When blood sugar shoots up dramatically the body is much more likely to store the sugars as fats. Not only this but after the fat is stored, the blood sugar levels drop below normal causing a huge craving for more processed carbs so you can get blood sugar levels back to normal levels, this is what causes sugar cravings. Try having a handful of nuts or some eggs as a healthy snack or breakfast. This leads us on nicely on to the next myth:

3.Eggs are bad as they increase your cholesterol levels

The confusion surrounding eggs stems from the fact that eggs are high in dietary cholesterol, however that does not necessarily mean that they cause an increase in our LDL (baddies) blood cholesterol levels. Think about this: black pudding is basically pig’s blood, does that mean that when we eat it causes an increase in the amount of blood we have? Of course it not. Eggs actually raise HDL cholesterol (goodies) and better still they also change LDL cholesterol from small, dense LDL (which is bad) to large LDL, (which is not as bad). Also eggs are jammed packed with nutrient rich goodness, think about it: an egg has absolutely everything that is needed to make a fully grown chick!
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4.Fruit juices and smoothies are healthy drinks and good for fat loss

Despite containing some vitamins and counting towards you 5 a day, these drinks are not quite as ‘innocent’ as they appear. First off, they contain a huge amount of sugar, in fact, some fruit juices and smoothies contain more sugar than a large glass of coke, so that could be up to 16 teaspoons of sugar! Well, you may now be thinking “but Mark, some smoothies and juices are made from only fruit, so it’s only going to be the same amount of sugar that’s in fruit” This is true, however, when is the last time you sat and ate 3,4,5 or more pieces of fruit at once? (that’s a lot of sugar) More importantly, the blending of fruit destroys of a lot of the natural goodness including the fibre. When you eat a piece of fruit the fructose (the sugar in fruit) is ‘nicely balanced’ by the fibre, meaning your liver has time to metabolise what’s coming in, instead of being overloaded. When you down a smoothy, the liver gets a huge dose of sugar all at once meaning that the energy will be stored as fat rather than used.

5. Low fat means lose fat Just because something is low fat doesn’t mean it’s going to help you lose weight.

When everyone thought that fat was the bad guy not too long ago, all the big food companies rushed out new low low fat products. However, low fat processed food is usually pretty disgusting, so these big companies added a special ingredient to make their products taste better… sugar. It’s true that fat has more calories per gram than carbs and protein. However fast releasing carbs like sugar, drive your blood sugar levels up, your pancreas then releases insulin to deal with the sugar and stores it all as fat. Not only this but this, but after you store the sugar as fat, your blood sugar levels drop below normal, making you crave more sweet food to restore them back to normal level. So you get stuck in a sweet craving cycle. Make sure you read the food labels; having ‘low fat or fat free’ on the package doesn’t tell the whole story.

6.Don’t eat after 7pm

Eating anything after 7 is not going to automatically stored as fat. This myth came about because people generally tend to pig out on snacks, after their tea (usually after 7) and eventually get fat. It’s not because you’re pigging out on snacks after 7pm that causes the weight gain; it’s because you’re pigging out on snacks. (You can pig out on snacks in the morning and you will still put on just as much weight). Our bodies are smart when it comes to metabolism, it doesn’t matter if your awake or asleep, you will digest your food in exactly the same way.