New Year A New You – Guest Post By Elite Fit Personal Trainer Paul Graham


New Year A New You???


So this year is almost over and done with and a lot of people will be starting to think of their New Year’s Resolution and this is the same time of year Personal Trainers are at their busiest with everyone inquiring at the same time and everyone wanting the same thing…..a new me a new body.

Why this year though? Why did you wait all of 2014 and decided 2015 would be your year to change everything you don’t like about yourself? Or did you start off 2014 the same way you attend on starting 2015….full of motivation, determination and the attitude of I am going to the gym 5 days per week and I am not stopping until I get what I want only to cancel your gym membership by the time February comes around?

Is this sounding like you? Then ask yourself one question why not just save your money that you would spend on personal training and stay the same size/shape you are just now? If you can give specific answers on why you want to change your shape/size then getting to your fat loss goals becomes a whole of a lot easier, why because you have your why! Why are you going to the gym when you have had a bad day because you know why, why are you sticking to your healthy eating plan because you’ve laid out your reasons why. All it takes is to have a major reason why you want to achieve something and sticking to a healthy eating plan and sticking to the correct programme tailored for your specific goals becomes an easier option than quitting. Everyone who comes to the gym or starts personal training doesn’t quit because they decided there happier staying over weight it comes down to not having enough reasons to fully commit to reaching those goals set out when the New Year comes around.

If this is sounding more and more like you and this is something that you finally want to put a stop to and finally reach those goals that you’ve been wanting to hit for at least the last year then here is some simple steps to do:-

  • WHY – why are you doing this? And what is your major driving force behind this?
  • Fully commit – going in half-hearted will only get you half results
  • Make a goal and a deadline and stick to it no matter what


You add these simple things to do on top of acquiring some professional help in setting up the correct programme and nutrition plan for your goals as well as the added motivation, support and coaching then there’s no stopping you in terms of hitting your fat loss goals. Can’t think of a why or a good enough reason to commit to a new you then you may aswell keep your money and spend it on something else as there is only so much a personal trainer can do for you, you have to be the one that wants to change to in able us to help you change.


A hope after writing this article it’s got some people thinking and got you’s thinking of the reasons why this year coming can be that year you change the things you’re not happy with and finally have what you’ve always wanted. Looking to beat the rush and kick start those goals just now then make sure you get in touch today for a free consultation to further discuss these goals and begin your journey to a new you.


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