Why Most Diet’s Suck –  Guest Post By Elite Fit Personal Trainer Paul Graham


Most Diets Suck And There A Waste Of Your Money


This is exactly what I think about nearly all diets and I am sure you will agree that most diets suck! But every single one of my clients that comes to me will tell me they have tried one or another diet or tried them all at one stage in their quest to lose weight and they all tell me the same things……yes I lost weight on it which was great but I put it back on and more to add to that. Which leaves them searching for the next fad diet promising the world to end up with the same results as last time and this process will just keep on happening until you obtain professional help in terms of a personal trainer.


In this blog I will explain how this happens and how to avoid becoming a classic yo-yo dieter.


So first things first the diet that promises you the world they have the images to back it up they have the perfect sales pitch that has you eating out the palm of their hand bursting to get out your cheque book out and pay the first month upfront and has you racing home with your amazing diet that’s going to solve all your problems! The first couple of weeks were feeling good you “feel” them amazing powdered shake meal replacement giving you all the benefits and more the sales people promised you. The next couple of weeks start to get harder you start to feel tired, lethargic, run down and so forth but yeah you’re still losing weight so all good isn’t it? The first month has passed and your 6 pounds lighter than you started amazing results now if it was fat loss and not muscle and water loss (al get to this later). The next monthly payment comes around and from previous clients I have spoken to can be anywhere up to £200 per month.


Those next 4 weeks become harder and harder and you become more tired less energy struggle through your day but the scales say your still losing weight so all good but then as all diets we have a crash and burn moment were we over indulge in all the foods we weren’t to have we feel guilty for it the next day we fall back into old habits and quicker than the time it took you to lose the weight you have put it back on and more. So how does this work?


With all diets they are always the same in they get results at first but they reason why they get you results is they are severely low in calories and way under your Basel Metabolic Rate (this is what your body needs in calories if you were just to lay in bed all day and do nothing)which is where the weight loss comes from because if you’re on a diet that your total daily calorie intake falls below your Basel Metabolic Rate your body starts to take the nutrients it needs to keep you alive from your muscles and water so all that weight you have lost isn’t fat what you want your basically just making your body eat itself to get by and because your diet is under your Basel Metabolic Rate after those first initial couple of weeks of feeling “good”  you start to feel tired, lethargic and crappy to name a few this has to do with your diet being below your Basel Metabolic Rate and this is also why you cant maintain it for long. The last point I will get at before I suggest things to a) make you lose weight b) keep it off and c) feel good while doing it. So last point when I have consultations with my clients they all tell me they put back on more than they lost its because of the above reasons i have mentioned the body eats itself to keep it going you lose weight you then crash and burn because its too hard to maintain then comes the weight gain before we repeat this procedure two months down the line which is the worst thing to do but more on that in another blog.


Now to finish on the positives and how you can make losing weight that little bit easier and what essentials things you should be doing to get the fat loss goals you set out. For the first 7 days I would suggest going on a detox and getting rid of all the harmful crap that is in processed food out of your body, start the day off with a hot water and lemon or lime then for the first week focus on removing all processed food and introduce good sources of protein, bright coloured and loads of green vegetables and healthy fats and last get in at least two litres of water per day.


After that focus on the essentials that should be in place to lose weight:-


• Start your day off with a high in protein/healthy fats breakfast

• Small and regular meals throughout the day – 4 meals and this is essential for maintaining this weight loss

• Lots of green and bright coloured vegetables in your lunch and dinner meals

• Stay away from high in sugar foods and processed foods

• Focus on 2 litres of water a day

• One cup of green tea a day – good for fat loss

• Strength training at 3 times per week focusing on compound exercises like squats/deadlifts/pull ups/chest press/shoulder press.


These are just some examples that are essential to that are going to help lose the weight you want while feeling good doing and keeping it off after you’ve achieved your goal! Need help from myself putting everything together and for someone to guide you on the right path then make sure we get in touch today.


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