Your Body Wants To Change But Your Heads Not Ready – Guest Post By Elite Fit Personal Trainer Paul Graham


Currently writing this article as I sit and wait on a consultation coming in which I wouldn’t hold my breath on as they are currently ten minutes late and when I sent a confirmation last night I got no response so the signs are not looking good.

This is something that every trainer will go through and even though it’s a pain in the backside at times there’s valuable reasons behind this. See this particularly client had got in touch with myself was sounding positive about coming in knew they knew when and how many times per week they wanted to train and was looking forward to coming in and getting things going the whole nine yards and not much more I could ask for in terms of a potential client but what changed?

Did I do something wrong or did they just decided they didn’t want to change their body shape and remain unhappy with their current body shape? Highly unlikely.

So how do we go from being raring to go to a no show? It’s simple we don’t just all off a sudden see a personal training ad and think great I am going to sign up and start this week. The process of thinking about changing your body shape and  changing the things you don’t like about yourself take roughly around 6 months or longer depending on the individual from the time you first think about wanting to do personal training or join a gym for example to actually taking action and enquiring about personal training. This is a massive leap of faith for most people who want to change their body shape and something once they do make the first step they will automatically as human nature kicks in will start to doubt themselves and start to make excuses why they can’t do it and list of excuses for this are as long as my arm and range from no time to too expensive but can you put a price on health and feeling good and confident with yourself?

This can happen on a regularly basis for example right I am going to get fit for summer, summer passes ok I am going to get fit now the good weathers done, ok that’s it new year new me I am going to get fit…..reading this and starting to think that sounds like you?

If so then don’t worry as a personal trainer I understand this process and understand how the gym and personal training can be a very daunting thing to do and that’s why with the right kind of guidance, support and motivation I know I will have this potential client overcome there fear of what I have just explained in this short blog but something I thought everyone would benefit from as I know for sure everyone reading it will be in the same position or have been in the same position.

It takes a lot to take the first steps to changing but once you start and start to see results and the feel good factor that comes with that then there will be no stopping you! So if your reading this and thinking I want to get going again and really go for it this time then make sure you get in touch today and I can book you in for a consultation.


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