What makes us different?

We believe that for most ladies over 40, traditional gyms simply don’t work, here’s why:

We have flipped the traditional gym model on its head to create powerful transformational results for Southport Ladies.

Transform Ladies is based on 4 core principles which bring incredible long lasting results.

Fun Effective Workouts

Support and Accountability

Effective Nutrition


Best Transform Results & Effective Workouts

Fun Effective Workouts

The atmosphere in our workouts is the best thing about Transform. Our ladies turn up to workout hard and get results but also to have fun.

Every single session is completely different and enjoyment is a key factor when we design our workouts sessions.

Not only do our ladies work hard and get incredible results…

But they do it whilst having a laugh too!

Support and

You are not left to own devices here.

You will have your own personal coach who’s job it is to keep you accountable and focused throughout you programme.

They will be taking & tracking your measurements and helping you set goals.

They will be contacting you outside of sessions every week to make sure you are loving it and staying on track.

And they will be available to support you at every stage of your journey and you have 24/7 contact to them via out Support app!

Fitness Tips & Best Results for Southport Ladies
Best Results with Effective Workouts & Nutrition Guidance

Effective Nutrition Guidance

We have designed incredibly effective nutrition plans that take all of the guess work out of dieting.

The best thing about our nutrition programmes is that we don’t do a “one size fits all” approach. Everyone’s different. And one diet plan might work brilliantly for one person, but not necessarily for another.

We help you pick the best nutrition plan for you.

Which not only will bring about amazing results, but also set you up for success long term.


Transform is a family. The moment you walk through our doors, you become a key part of it. The group of strangers that you start with will very quickly become your friends. Friends in the same boat, and on the very same journey as you. Community is a huge part of Transform. You will look forward to coming to the session because you get to have a laugh with your friends. AND we are not just about health and fitness at Transform. We arrange monthly social events so that we can hangout and have a laugh outside of the whole “getting fit” thing. We do things like fun runs, BBQ’s, charity fundraisers, Xmas parties and of course our infamous “bottomless brunches” .

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